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Graffiti ActionScript 3 Bitmap Drawing Library

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Basic Example with the Graffiti Library 2.5

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This is the simplest form of the Graffiti Library. With just the few lines of code shown below, you are up and running with basic drawing functionality.
import com.nocircleno.graffiti.GraffitiCanvas;
import com.nocircleno.graffiti.tools.BrushTool;
import com.nocircleno.graffiti.tools.BrushType;

var canvas:GraffitiCanvas = new GraffitiCanvas(400, 340, 10);

var brush:BrushTool = new BrushTool(8, 0xFF0000, 1, 0, BrushType.DIAMOND);
canvas.activeTool = brush;

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