Generative Art Programs

AutoAndy | December, 2007

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 3.0
AutoAndy Screen
AutoAndy is a collaboration with artist Andy Detskas. I created a drawing algorithm that produces Characters styled after Andy's hand drawn characters. He wanted a way to automate and randomize the creation of these Characters in various grid configurations. He provided the 4 face vectors that are used with each Character. What is generated by this program is printed to a vector file that Andy uses with Illustrator to complete the art pieces. In addition to the default Character, I've added the ability to manipulate the settings in the Character Renderer to generate all kinds of crazy.

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Glyph Trash | April, 2006

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 2.0, JavaScript
Glyph Trash Screen
Glyph Trash is my second generative art program based off of using fonts to create imagery. The user picks a font & color then types to see glyphs blast off as projectiles. Over time these glyphs build up producing abstract sculptures. The end results will be very different depending on the font chosen.

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NOVIZ | January, 2006

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 2.0, JavaScript
NOVIZ Screen
NOVIZ is an experiment with Font based image creation. This program uses various techniques to paint pixels on a canvas. Most of the image creation is powered by text cycling microbes that will infinitely travel around the screen leaving jaggy pixel residue. This program can be fully customized by the user to generate all kinds of abstract imagery.

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