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Flash 9 vs Flash 8 Performance , Take 1

by Ben Rhodes - 2006

I just started learning Actionscript 3 with the Flash 9 Alpha release and wanted to test the performance of the new player with AS3. I've read it can be much faster then previous versions. My first experiment is showing this isn't the case with scaling many MovieClips at a time. Below is the same project built with Flash 9 AS3 and Flash 8 AS2. I'm animating 1600 squares with Actionscript. Performance on my machine* seems to be about the same for both and I'd almost say the Flash 8 version performs a little better.

UPDATE: Performance in many areas of the player has improved, but in this test we don't see any improvement. Maybe we will get hardware accelerated support in future versions of the player to get better performance.

* Running Windows XP SP2 on a P4 2.6ghz - 1g ram.