Multi-touch Drawing Library released

Introducing Graffiti Touch, a new multi-touch drawing library for mobile ActionScript projects. Graffiti Touch is a total rewrite of my popular Graffiti AS3 Drawing Library.

With this new version I’ve moved all the code to Github and decided to release Graffiti Touch and Graffiti AS3 Drawing Library under the MIT License.

Checkout for more information.

2 thoughts on “Multi-touch Drawing Library released

  1. Sol Levine

    Ben, I tried to reach you via LinkedIn but didn’t know if that worked, then found this blog.

    I would like to replace the drawing tool now on our website with your Graffiti to make it easier for kids to draw cartoons and get them to do something more meaningful than play violent games. But can’t get Graffiti to run. Compiler error: 1172: Definition com.adobe.images:PNGEncoder could not be found.

    Willing to compensate you for assistance with this.

    Sol Levine,

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