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Music Fundamentals Platform | December, 2010

Technology: ActionScript 3.0, C#, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
Scientific Method

The Music Fundamentals Platform was developed at vuDAT in conjunction with Leigh VanHandel from the Michigan State University College of Music. The goal of this project was to develop an assessment system for music fundamentals vuDAT built a dashboard site that let the instructor setup assessments to be deployed in an online class. The system we built generates random question sets based on the instructors configuration. Every time a student takes an assessment it is unique, but still focused on a particular topic in music fundamentals. When the student has completed an assessment the grade is automatically added to the LMS gradebook.

Our team included:

  • Project Management, Flash Authoring, ActionScript Programming, Dashboard Design and Markup, Application backend programming - Ben Rhodes
  • Dashboard Implementation and Programming - JoAnn Render
  • Database and Programming - Roger Chance

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Bug Smasher | April, 2009

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 3.0, XML, PHP, MySQL
Bug Smasher Game
Bug Smasher is a simple game I developed as an example for the class I teach at Michigan State University. I've built a set of ActionScript 3 Classes to construct a game of this type on. These classes control the random motion and hit points of each insect. The goal is simple, get the highest score.

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Scientific Method | May, 2008

Technology: ActionScript 3.0
Scientific Method
The Scientific Method interaction was developed at vuDAT. We worked with Stephen Thomas, an instructor at Michigan State University to implement his idea. Stephen designed the concept and I did the rest. This project is licensed under Creative Commons, free to use.

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Ecomap Creator | September, 2007

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 3.0
The Ecomap Creator was developed at vuDAT. I wanted to provide a quick and easy interface for creating Ecomap's. With all the general graphing applications appearing on the web, I think taking a specific approach works better for the classes this is being used for. This application is still in beta as we test the application to see if we are reaching our goals.

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Quiz Board (Jeopardy Like) Game | August, 2007

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 2.0, XML

This "Jeopardy Like" Game was developed at vuDAT. I've created a fully customizable Jeopardy Style game engine. The customization is done through XML files, but could easily be feed by a more dynamic solution. The questions can include playback and display of images (png, gif, jpg), video (flv) and audio (mp3) in addition to text.

You can now use Quiz Board for non-commercial purposes under a creative commons license.

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Wonder Wall | April, 2007

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 2.0, Flash Media Server, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
Wonder Wall
The Wonder Wall project was started around May 2003. Wonder Walls were created to enhance Michigan 4H Children's Garden K-12 garden extended field trips and Michigan State University graduate and undergraduate classes. This was my first project using the Flash Communication Server and it was a fun one. We are looking to wrap this project soon and it will be available to license by all. Visit the site for more info.

Project Site:



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Interactive Background | December, 2005

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 2.0, JavaScript
Interactive Background
The Interactive Background app was developed as a MySpace tool to let users create the background image for my page. If anyone is interested in using it feel free to contact me. Requirements are PHP with the GD libraries installed and file upload enabled.

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labelDAT | July, 2005

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 2.0, JavaScript, Flash Remoting, ASP.NET, SQL
LabelDAT is an image labeler application developed by vuDAT. We have geared this application towards use in Michigan State University online classes even though they could be used anywhere a web site sends. My role was to develop the Flash Label Editor and Viewer.

Our team included:

  • UI Design, XHTML, CSS - Andy Detskas
  • Flash Authoring, Actionscript Programming - Ben Rhodes
  • Programming - Bernie Homes, Nathan Lounds, Roger Chance
  • Project Lead Collaboration - Brendan Guenther

Project Site:



labelDAT Screens

Plant Prognosis | May, 2003

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 1.0
Plant Prognosis
The Plant Prognosis was developed by Deon Foster and I at vuDAT. I was responsible for about a third of the 3D object models while Mr. Foster took care of the rest of the 3D scene including it's final construction and rendering. I built the Flash interface and all other 2D graphics related to it.

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Braille Writer | December, 2002

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 1.0
Braille Writer Demo
This application, along with the Abacus below, was developed for an online class through Michigan State University by vuDAT. The Braille Writer was made to teach people of sight how to type Braille. My goal was to recreate a Braille typewriter and a system of recording docs created with it. I used this and placed it within a quiz interface, which is configured through a XML document.

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Abacus | December, 2002

Technology: Flash, ActionScript 1.0
Abacus Demo
Along with the Braille Writer, the Abacus application was developed for an online class through Michigan State University by vuDAT. This application can record the user's movements of the beads on the Abacus and play them back. I used this and placed it within a quiz interface, which is configured through a XML document.

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